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"I buy the crystals directly from miners, pickers or collectors who have purchased the stones directly from the miners, i.e. through the shortest possible chain. I'm in direct contact with these parties personally, so I do not buy stones from occasional wholesalers or mass production channels. It is really important for me to know which quarry my crystals come from and that the whole process is as ethical and transparent as possible.

My crystal jewelry always comes with information about the origin of the crystal. Each piece of jewelry has also been given a unique serial number, this is often very significant for those interested in numerology in particular." -Jussi


"Making jewelry is often a long project. Stones often arrive to me as large raw crystals, and I often don't know at first what kind of jewelry each crystal is going to be manifested as. I may have a single stone to explore or work on for a year before it finds its own shape and finishes as exactly the kind of jewelry that is meant to be. The first step is to break the crystal into pieces in a gentle natural way and to see which parts of the stone would naturally form as jewelry. The next step is rough grinding with a diamond grinding dish. That phase is follow by handcrafting and polishing with various abrasive papers before the stone takes its final shape and shine. Finally, I see whether the stone invites silver, gold, rose gold or copper, what kind of ring or bracelet the crystal calls for etc. I often see the final creation in my head before it's finished but sometimes the plan changes in the "fitting" after the crystal is polished."- Jussi

 "It's a good idea to store the crystals in their own jewelry box and avoid contact with chemicals. The structure of different crystals varies a lot, some are clearly more durable than others, but as a rule of thumb, all of the should be treated gently.


Most crystals can be cleaned with water, but not all of them, so you should google the cleaning instructions. The energy of the stones can be cleaned, e.g. by keeping them in sea salt, burning sage or using various aromatic fragrances for purification, etc. Many people clean their crystals  in nature or under a full moon. Some crystals are also energy-purifying in themselves, such as selenite. There is also a lot of information about these online, or you can also ask me.

Every crystal has it's unique structure and may have tensions that have not come to light at the handcrafting phase. Therefore I can't take responsibility for the durability of the stone since they all act differently when they get hit. But if the stone comes off the ring or cuff because of glue drying etc,  I can fix it.  In such cases, you can send the jewelry to me, and I will assess whether it is a matter of glue drying or breaking of the stone. It's the nature of the gold, silver and copper that the plating usually fades at some point. So if you're looking for a piece of jewelry that keeps the shiny color permanently, you can ask for a gold or sterling silver piece tailored for you. "- Jussi

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