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Jewelry Designer Jussi Kekäläinen

From Inspiration To Creation


"I've been interested in stones and crystals for a long time.  When I was a kid, my father used to collect rocks, and the enthusiasm rubbed off on me, too. I got the idea to design jewelry after I made my wife a crystal ring for her birthday, which she fell completely in love with. It gave me a spark to keep making jewelry. I bought a polishing machine from an old carpenter when he retired and built my own little jewelry workshop in the warehouse of our house, where I do raw crafting. The rest of the process I still do at home at our kitchen table. I select crystals for our jewelry collection intuitively. I listen to what kind of crafting best respects each crystal's own structure and design the jewelry based on it. I don't like to smooth the crystals too symmetrical and neat since we like that you can feel the natural structure of the crystal and it feels more authentic when left a bit rough. That's the beauty in nature: imperfections makes everything actually perfect.


It's  also super important to us to use ecological and local alternatives in packaging and other materials whenever possible. 

Even ancient civilizations have known about the healing and protective qualities of different crystal. You can easily find information on the healing properties of different crystals by googling, there is a huge amount of material, especially in English. Many people are also familiar with e.g. power stones for different horoscopes. "


"I buy the crystals directly from miners or collectors who have bought the stones directly from the miners, i.e. through the shortest possible chain. Each stone is carefully selected. I am in direct contact with these parties personally, i.e. I don't buy stones from random wholesalers or mass production channels. It is really important to me to know which quarry the crystals come from and that the operation is as ethical and transparent as possible. Each piece of jewelry is also assigned a unique serial number, which is often very significant, especially for those interested in numerology."


"Making jewelry is often a long project. Stones often arrive to us as large raw crystals, and I often don't know at first what will come out of each stone. A single stone may be in my research or work for a year before it finds its own shape and is made into exactly the kind of jewelry it is supposed to be. The first step is to break the stone into parts and see which parts of the stone would naturally form into jewelry. The next step is coarse crafting with a diamond crafting wheel. This is followed by several polishing steps with various abrasive papers before the stone acquires its final shape and glossiness. Finally, a metal exchange suitable for the stone is selected: whether the stone calls silver, gold, rose gold or copper, what kind of ring base or hanging loop does the stone call, etc. Often these have become stronger already at the stage of stone making, but sometimes the plan changes along the way or after the stone is completed. "



"It is a good idea to store crystals in their box and avoid contact with chemicals. The degree of strength of crystals varies a lot, some are clearly more durable than others, but as a rule of thumb, you should treat everyone gently. Most stones can also withstand water washing, but not all of them, so it's worth Google the cleaning method that suits your stone. The energy of stones can be purified, for example, by cleaning up the energy by keeping them in sea salt, burning sage or with various aromatic scents for purification, etc. Many clean their stones in nature or under the full moon. Also, some crystals are energy-purifying in themselves, such as selenite. There are a huge number of different ways. There is a lot of information about these on the internet or you can also ask us.

Each crystal is a unique natural body and may have tensions that have not come to light during the polishing phase, so we cannot take responsibility for the durability of the crystals, as stones behave differently when in pressure. But if the fastening of the stone comes off, then I can fix that.  In such cases, you can send the jewelry to us, and we will assess whether it is a case of detachment of the fastening or a breakage of the stone. Gold / silver plating does not stay on any jewelry forever, but belongs to the nature of metal that it fades. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will keep the color permanently, you can ask for a piece of jewelry made entirely of gold or sterling silver tailor-made."

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