From Inspiration To Creation


"I've played piano all my childhood and dreamed of being a musician, and even though I started teaching piano as a teenager, I ended up on a rather complicated career path from writing to communications and marketing, to eventually a ten year career in sales and management. A few years ago, I realized my "well was quote empty" and decided to jump off a squirrel wheel and create the needed emptiness around me so that all my hidden gifts and passions get room to emerge. I felt it was time to fulfill every dream I 'd ever had. To live life to the fullest, relying solely on my intuition. To live for beauty, create beauty, experience beauty. I soon knew I wanted to go back to my roots, so I started my own company, Tmi by Hanna Kekäläinen, and started teaching piano after a long break. I also soon found my hidden gifts as a composer and just a few months later I released my first compositions on Spotify etc. 

I also began to study the quantum world, various alternative healing methods and I fully immersed myself in the deepest truths,  secrets and laws of the universe. Soon I also discovered another of my soul's greatest latent gifts and passions: painting abstract art. Around the same time, Jussi was inspired by handcrafting crystals and jewellery design, so we decided to create this platform Tree Of Life Art by H&J, under which we have all our creative work, i.e. crystal jewellery, abstract/intuitive art and piano compositions. We have always loved art and this is our love letter to art.and creation.

The name Tree Of Life literally "fell" on both of us at the same time on one summer Tuesday evening as we sat on the cliffs of the Lapinlahti Spring. Together, we thought about the business name of my company and got a vision of a tree at the same time. I immediately googled the symbolic meaning of the Tree of Life. The multi-faceted and profound symbolic significance that the Tree of Life has had in different cultures since the beginning of time resonated so strongly that we decided to follow that intuition. Soon after, Jussi photographed this beautiful large oak tree near our home after which our residential area, Tammisto,  has gotten its name from and designed a logo for my company based on that photo.  Later, with Jussi's jewellery design, Tree Of Life became our joint company. "- Hanna


"I've been interested in stones and crystals for a long time.  When I was a kid, my father used to collect rocks, and the enthusiasm rubbed off on me, too. I got the idea to design jewelry after I made my wife a crystal ring for her birthday, which she fell completely in love with. It gave me a spark to keep making jewelry. I bought a polishing machine from an old carpenter when he retired and built my own little jewelry workshop in the warehouse of our house, where I do raw crafting. The rest of the process I still do at home at our kitchen table. I select crystals for our jewelry collection intuitively. I listen to what kind of crafting best respects each crystal's own structure and design the jewelry based on it. I don't like to smooth the crystals too symmetrical and neat since we like that you can feel the natural structure of the crystal and it feels more authentic when left a bit rough. That's the beauty in nature: imperfections makes everything actually perfect.


It's  also super important to us to use ecological and local alternatives in packaging and other materials whenever possible. 

Crystal healing and protective, etc. the effects have been known for a long time. On our Instagram, we post a summary of its energetic effects for each piece of jewellery. More information on the healing properties of different crystals can be found by googling, there is a huge amount of material, especially in English. Many people are also familiar with e.g. power stones for different horoscopes. If that resonates, we recommend googling what could be your power stone. " - Jussi ​


”I grew up basically with my hands on the piano. I’ve been playing the piano since I was four years old. Music is my core, part of my soul. With challenging times in life, I have always found myself sitting in my beige piano chair. I studied classical piano, but I fell in love with contemporary piano after seeing Jane Campion’s Piano, which features great music by Michael Nyman. That album revolutionized my relationship with playing.


One day- shortly after I left my old life and sat in the midst of that emptiness - my friend asked me if I'd ever tried to improvise or compose music. I hadn’t even thought about it, but I decided to try what would happen if I just put my hands on the piano keyboards and let go. And wow what happened! That improvisation session changed my life. I composed my first song Dance Of The Two Flames from that session and three other songs soon after. I don’t even remember composing those songs, they just literally came through me in a wonderful creative flow. Luckily, I recorded the sessions so I was able to write down the songs I played. Composing has also deepened my connection to music and all other forms of art and to life as art." - Hanna


Visual art has been like a hidden little treasure in my pocket since I was a child. I loved drawing as a child. I used to have little notebooks which were full of my drawings of cartoon characters and celebrities. Those books travelled with me even to family vacations to Greece. I’ve always loved walking around in art exhibitions and galleries, especially those with abstract art. When I was surrounded by art, I felt peace I couldn't find anywhere else.

However, I did not feel ready to start studying abstract art until I had jumped off the hectic career path I was in and gained the necessary space for the great upheaval that immersing myself in art brought. When I first touched the canvas, I felt such a strong sense of familiarity, meaning, and happiness that it was hard to explain. I felt at home.


Since then, I have studied more about different painting techniques, but despite my enthusiasm for certain techniques, I would describe my painting style above all as intuitive art. The freedom to break boundaries and rules fascinates me infinitely. The flow mode in which the boards are created is a very similar mode in which I compose music. I usually don't remember at all afterwards how the paintings were born. So I often say that the less I remember, the happier I am. " - Hanna