From Inspiration To Creation


Jussi: "I have been really interested in stones for a long time, especially crystals. Year 2020 led me deeper into that passion: I bought an sander from an old carpenter when he retired and built my own tiny jewelry studio in our house warehouse where I started crafting and polishing crystals and making unique jewelry out of them. I select crystals for our jewelry collection intuitively. I listen to what kind of crafting best respects each crystal's own structure and design the jewelry based on it. I don't like to smooth the crystals too symmetrical and neat since we like that you can feel the natural structure of the crystal and it feels more authentic when left a bit rough. That's the beauty in nature: imperfections makes everything actually perfect.  

It's important to us to use ecological and local alternatives in packaging and other materials whenever possible. 

The healing, protective, intuitive enhancing etc effects of crystals have been known for a long time. Many are also familiar with power stones for different horoscopes. Our crystal jewelry always comes with information about the country of origin of the crystal so that the customer can more easily build a relationship with the spirit of the stone. We also make jewelry to order, for example from the desired power stone of your own horoscope. Feel free to ask if you are interested in custom jewelry."


Hanna: ”I have been playing piano since I was 4 years old. It’s my core, part of my soul. Whenever I’ve experienced challenging times in life I’ve always found myself sitting on my beige piano stool. I studied classical piano but fell in love with contemporary piano after seeing the movie Piano by Jane Campion with music composed by Michael Nyman. That music changed something in me as a teenager and has been also my biggest influence on my composition work. I hadn’t even tried improvising before a friend of mine encouraged me to give it a go in 2018. I decided to see if I could so I just put my hands on the piano and let go. And wow what came out of that, it really changed my life! I composed right then and there my first song Dance Of The Two Flames and soon after that three more songs. I don’t even remember composing the songs, they just literally came through me in an amazing creative flow. Luckily I recorded what I played so that I could write the songs down. I’m also a piano teacher and composing music myself has really deepened my connection also to teaching piano and my relationship with music in general.

Abstract art has also always been a passion of mine but in a different way. I’ve been drawing from time to time since I was young but I never had the courage to start painting. I always kind of knew I can paint but I somehow felt that the magic of it would disappear if I started at the wrong time. So I just waited and enjoyed art in other ways. It's really a same thing that it's with playing piano: if I'm struggling in life or just having a really bad week, the best remedy is often to go to a gallery or art museum. It always, always works for me! Year 2020 I decided it was time to fulfill all of my dreams and I started really studying different abstract art techniques and finally started painting. The first time I touched on a canvas I felt such a strong feeling of familiarity, purpose and happiness that it’s hard to explain. I just felt home.”