We buy the crystals directly from miners, pickers or collectors who have purchased the stones directly from the miners, i.e. through the shortest possible chain. We are in direct contact with these parties personally, so we do not buy stones from occasional wholesalers or mass production channels. We also never buy machine-ground crystals or from sellers that use chemicals to clean the crystals. It is really important for us to know which quarry our crystals come from and that the whole process is as ethical and transparent as possible.

 It is a good idea to store the crystals in their own jewelry box and avoid contact with chemicals. The structure of different crystals varies a lot, some are clearly more durable than others, but as a rule of thumb, all of the should be treated gently. Some crystals can be cleaned with water, but not all of them, so you should check the cleaning instructions by googling etc.  


The energy of the stones can be cleaned, e.g. by keeping them in sea salt, burning sage or using various aromatic oils in diffusers etc. Some crystals are also energy-purifying in themselves, such as selenite.


Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the durability of crystals because everyone is a unique piece of nature and there may be tensions that hasn’t come up when crafting the crystal. But if the glue of the stone comes off, we have a repair guarantee for them, i.e. you can either bring the jewelry to us or send it by post for re-gluing. Gold-/silver -plating does not stay in any jewelry forever, it’s the nature of those metals that they fade.

If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that keeps the color permanently, you can ask for a full gold or sterling silver piece ordered. Or if you have any other questions about the jewelry, taking care of them etc.