Open To Flow Mentorship

With Open To Flow Mentoring, I help you activate your deepest gifts and strenghten your connection to your intuition, and through that to find the purpose of your life or simply live the best possible life. You will learn to read energies and experience a whole new kind of sense of freedom and joy. My greatest passion is to activate clients themselves to hear their inner voice and to find such deep feeling of freedom and joy that they may not have been able to even imagine before. When your senses open up to the amazing energies of the universe and you get into that flow with life, that's real life magic. 

If you feel are longing for a big change, a new direction, a complete transformation in your life, this is for you! Personally, I felt that without mentors, it would have been really difficult to move forward in my process of spiritual growth because there seemed to be endless amounts of information and I felt a little overwhelmed by it, didn't know where to start since it takes quite a lot of time to research this stuff.  

During the mentoring sessions, I channel the messages brought to you and ask for guidance on what are the right steps for you on your path. I'll give suitable material recommendations, teach different meditation methods, help you in your shadow work and give energy healing if needed. I can also provide you with healthy diet and lifestyle tips since I have studied that side of wellbeing quite extensively as well. We will do some practical exercises as well right from the beginning that will activate your ability to read energies and strenghten your connection to higher realms. We'll go through all the insights and inspirations as well as challenges and I'll channel answers to those of your questions that will help you to align with your highest timeline. 

60min 77€ 

120min 155€

Recommendation: 8-10 sessions within 6months



You can use the form on the right or contact me directly:​

0400689089 (whatsup or text message)

Work space location:

Vantaa, Helsinki


MobilePay, card or invoice (invoicing fee 3€). Payment required before the session (distance healings/channelings etc) or after the session (face-to-face sessions).  


I'm also a Composer, Pianist and Piano Teacher. You can find more info about me and about my music on my another website On the right you'll find the link to my compositions/recordings on Spotify. 

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