Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing sessions are especially suitable for you who want to develop your intuition, expand your consciousness, or balance and purify your energies. Energy healing strengthen the body's own immune system, which means that the body begins to heal itself more effectively. Energy treatments also e.g. relieve stress, lift mood, remove heavy energies from the body and develop creativity. Treatments will help you let go of energies that no longer serve and release old structures that may be limiting you from living your best life. Energy healing is strongly activating and can lead to a very large transformation. Each session is unique; you are given that kind of healing energy which is of the highest good for you at that moment. Energy healing works best as a series of multiple sessions. Often, after just a couple of treatments, positive changes are noticed. Of course, individual treatments also have an effect, sometimes very strongly, on, for example, relaxation or stress relief.

Intuitive energy healing is a form of treatment where energy is allowed to flow freely to where it is most needed, so there is no specific treatment formula. In these intuitive healing sessions you usually also receive channeled messages through me. Sessions can also be held as distance healing.

60min 77€



You can use the form on the right or contact me directly:​

0400689089 (whatsup or text message)

Work space location:

Vantaa, Helsinki


MobilePay, card or invoice (invoicing fee 3€). Payment required before the session (distance healings/channelings etc) or after the session (face-to-face sessions).  


I'm also a Composer, Pianist and Piano Teacher. You can find more info about me and about my music on my another website On the right you'll find the link to my compositions/recordings on Spotify. 

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