Where to begin?

Interested to step into your spiritual journey but don't know where to start?

Even though you are interested in spiritual growth, awakening your psychic gifts  and understanding how the universe works taking the first step might feel difficult or even scary. It can be frustrating to try to find the right Youtube videos, books and podcasts when there seems to be endless options available. It doesn't make it easier that everyone's truth is different. Even if you find interesting material or an author or an youtuber that you like their message might not resonate fully at that moment even though it might be a perfect message for you later on your journey. It really depends on what aspect of the process you are working on at that moment. 

The spiritual mentorship that I offer is designed to help you start and accompany you on your own spiritual journey towards amazing clarity, love and  peace of mind; towards finding your own hidden gifts.   I will e.g. help you find those perfect inspirations and materials that as best suited for your path. 


Another good way to start is daily meditations. You don't actually need anything else than meditation to heal or awaken since through meditating regularly you can learn to connect to source and tap into that infinite wisdom that is already inside of you and available to you at all times. 

Third way is to meditate and do your own research ie. look for materials that really resonate. If you sometimes feel stuck and need some higher perspective on how to more forward, a channeling session might be a perfect way to check your direction and receive new inspiration. On channeling sessions you'll get answers to your questions and guidance from higher realms. You'll get advise both on every day matters and big decisions.  Or if you feel that you know the direction but you feel unbalanced, need help releasing energies that are stuck in your body or  need help to clear you chakras etc, an energy healing session will definitely help. 



You can use the form on the right or contact me directly:


0400689089 (whatsup or text message)

Work space location:

Vantaa, Helsinki


MobilePay, card or invoice (invoicing fee 3€). Payment required before the session (distance healings/channelings etc) or after the session (face-to-face sessions).  


I'm also a Composer, Pianist and Piano Teacher. You can find more info about me and about my music on my another website hannakekalainen.com. On the right you'll find the link to my compositions/recordings on Spotify. 

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