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My Tree of Life

I began to explore the spiritual world in the midst of a personal crisis - a familiar story to many. I was a mess on many levels. I suffered from panic attacks, severe dizziness, arrhythmias, anxiety, etc. When I was at my lowest point and didn’t know what to do since doctors couldn't help, I found myself reading various books related to the energy world, self-improvement and how to expand your consciousness.

I started working really hard to heal myself.  I questioned everything I had previously believed in, encountered my own shadows I hadn’t dared to look at before, started to change my thought patterns based on a whole new kind of awareness and so on and so forth. I also tried different alternative healing methods on my friends ’ recommendation. Acupuncture and energy healing helped me in my healing process so tremendously that they remained permanent “tools” for me. With these tools, my life began to change radically.

When my long-term work in the event business field came to an end, I got the space to really listen to what is really the deepest purpose of my life and what my soul actually wants me to do. It soon became clear to me that my mission is to spread light and beauty to the world by creating music and doing light work. I started composing piano music (see Info below) and studying energy work. I soon realized that my whole life had, in a way, been a preparation for this moment; I saw how everything that had happened in my life until then fell into place.

As I healed, my life changed completely in all its aspect. Really. I found the peace of mind I had been looking for for a long time. I started living in the flow with life. I felt the kind of freedom and joy I could never even dream of. I found my hidden intuitive abilities that paved the way for me to completely new worlds - to the unknown! I fell in love with life so deeply that my heart often feels like it's going to explode with enthusiasm. Sounds too good to be true? I sometimes thought so myself, but along the way I realized that complete freedom and joy of life was limited only by the boundaries and rules and distorted beliefs I built myself. Life is meant to be effortless, enjoyable, flowing, and full of joy. I don’t believe in avoiding difficult things, on the contrary, the key thing is to recognize and feel all the emotions and to accept all sides of us . It's important to feel and live our emotions fully, let them shower over us.  But there's no need to stay and  bathe in them. For the more you stay looking for shadows, the more energy you put into them, that is, the more you pull more shadows and heavy energies towards you. When you focus your attention on inspiration and lightness, that high energy brings heavy energies to the surface at their own pace. Once you’ve identified what that energy is all about, you can let go. Personally, I do not feel that the healing process needs to be approached with the kind of super-serious shadow work mentality that you can see a lot in the spiritual community.  However, the process requires commitment, faith, perseverance and full surrender. Courage to really look what's inside of you. My biggest passion is to help people in this process, because it’s really the key to everything. Everything that is. Life can really be magical if you have the courage and will to surrender to it. At least for me, surrender was perhaps the best decision ever and it has changed my life completely in all areas for the better.

I'm super grateful that I got to experience this great transformation, and one of the biggest joys of my life is to help others find also this same passion and love for life. Every individual is so unique, important, and valuable; no one can determine what your path is or what kind of life you should live. I want to help you find your own truths and your own ways to move on the path of personal growth, as well as to find the higher wisdom that has been inside you all the time.  My greatest passion is to help you activate your own amazing gifts: the unique magic that only you have and that is just waiting for you to find it. 

My spiritual studies have included e.g. following themes: 
  • Reiki I and II
  • Intuitive energy healing
  • Distance or remote healing
  • Channeling
  • Channeling by phone / email
  • Reading people's energy fields
  • Akashic records
  • Past lives
  • Intuition vs. imagination
  • Readings with cards
  • Chakra work
  • Group healings
  • Group meditations
  • Space clearings 
My other healthcare related educations: 

  • Swedish massage (licensed massage therapist)

  • Indian head massage

  • Hot stone massage



You can use the form on the right or contact me directly:​

0400689089 (whatsup or text message)

Work space location:

Vantaa, Helsinki


MobilePay, card or invoice (invoicing fee 3€). Payment required before the session (distance healings/channelings etc) or after the session (face-to-face sessions).  


I'm also a Composer, Pianist and Piano Teacher. You can find more info about me and about my music on my another website On the right you'll find the link to my compositions/recordings on Spotify. 

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