Mentorship – 1-on-1 or video sessions

My mentorship is designed to guide you through your spiritual journey and help you find your hidden magic at a pace that is suitable for you.  If you feel you want to really transform  your life and really need a new direction, new clarity or confirmation on which way to go, this is for you! I felt that it would have been really difficult to get through my own spiritual awakening without mentors because I really needed to share my thoughts and ask questions along the journey since everything felt so overwhelming and huge!

On our mentoring sessions I channel messages and answers to your questions from higher realms and ask guidance on what are the right next steps on your path. I'll give suggestions on what materials to study or which spiritual excercises to do, teach different types of meditations you can do, help you with your shadow work and give energy healing when needed, give advice for healthy lifestyle etc. We'll also go through your experiences, observations, insighs and breakthroughs and discuss things that you're working on. 

You don't have to decide on the number of sessions beforehand. You can start by taking the first right step towards your dream life ie. book the first session and we'll see from there how we go forward. My wish is to make the process as inspiring and as efforless as possible for you since that's what life is supposed to be like - inspiring and effortless!

60min 70€ 

90min 100€

5x60min 333€

5x90 min 475€

10x60min 630€

10x90min 900€

Energy healing – 1-on-1 or remote

Energy healing sessions are perfect for you who wish to develop your intuition, expand your awareness or/and balance your energies. Energy healing strenghtens your own immune system so that your body starts to heal itself more efficiently. Energy healing also reduces stress, raises your vibration, removes toxins from your body and enhances your creativity. Every session is different. You will receive healing and messages that are the most beneficial for you at that moment and that come from the highest source. I always start the session with listening first what are the hopes and wishes of the client in regards to the healing session. Energy healing works best when used regularly but also individual sessions can be really powerful. Usually there's a noticeable progress happening already after a couple of sessions. 

Intuitive healing is a form of energy healing where the healer doesn't use any specific structure but let's the healing energy flow freely where it's the most needed. Often some channeled messages come through as well in these intuitive healing sessions. Both 1-on-1 and remote sessions are possible.

Reiki is and old Japanese energy healing method that can be used to heal either the whole energy body or specific areas which need the most healing. In this method the healer usually uses a light touch but can also heal without touching. Both 1-on-1 and remote sessions are possible.

45min 60€

60min 70€ 

5x45min 285€

5x60min 333€

Private meditation class -  1-on-1 or video sessions

Meditation has been without a doubt the most important tool in my awakening process. You don't necessarily need anything else to connect to the source. I'll teach you different meditation methods, help with challenges that may occur and guide you through the learning period until you feel ready to continue meditating on your own.  

60min 70€ 

5x60min 333€

Group meditations / Group energy healings

I give meditations and energy healings for groups as well. Starting from May 2020 (date still unconfirmed) I arrange meditations in Metsola, Vantaa in cooperation with Vahva Minä.  More info coming soon!

It's also possible to book me to do meditations or group healing sessions to other venues as well. So if you are looking for a meditation instructor or energy healing for your group of people, please contact me.



You can use the form on the right or contact me directly:​

0400689089 (whatsup or text message)

Work space location:

Vantaa, Helsinki


MobilePay, card or invoice (invoicing fee 3€). Payment required before the session (distance healings/channelings etc) or after the session (face-to-face sessions).  


I'm also a composer, a pianist and a piano teacher. You can find more info about me and about my music on my another website On the right you'll find the link to my compositions/recordings on Spotify. 

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