Handcrafted Unique Crystal  Jewelry. Crystal is hand polished.  The origin of the stone is Sandamap Pegmatite, Erongo region, Namibia. Rose Gold plated brass based ring. Size approx. ∅ 15,9/US 5,25 (adjustable).


Jewelry is sent to the buyer in beautiful eco-friendly packaging including unique labeling stating the origin of the stone and the serial number of the design within our collection.


  • Each peace of jewelry is designed based on its own character and structure. We like to keep the polishing quite rough so that the crystal’s own natural form and essence stay as close to the original as possible.
    Crystals are referenced throughout history in ancient societies and religions and noted for their healing and protective properties as well as for their beauty and value. Crystals are believed to possess natural energy that balance your mind, body, and soul. They are believed to be especially powerful with setting and manifesting our intentions. Each gemstone possesses different purposes and healing powers.  All our crystals are cleansed and recharged with highest energy before shipping

    Price includes Finnish VAT 24%. If you wish to buy our products without VAT, please contact us.